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Bud rot, botrytis, or bud mold is a major health concern.

Growing outdoors puts cultivators at a higher risk for bud rot and the inherent presence of pests. Those little guys can act as powerful facilitators for infected buds—especially in the early stages of growth.


“Their eggs are like little worms that burrow into the plant and start eating. And once they’ve eaten, they poop. That pest poop is way worse than moisture being trapped inside your buds; now, you’ve got moist, rotting fecal matter that creates the exact same issues, but way worse.”

The extraction process removes and concentrates the final quantity of ALL the extracted compounds of hemp biomass, including mold! Unfortunately, as a result, these extractions (as well as the final market ready “CBD” Products) will also contain higher ratios per unit of the undesirable compounds that were extracted along with the plant’s beneficial compounds.

Always pesticide, heavy metal, pathogen, contaminate, mold and bug free!

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