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Congratulations On Taking Action!

Now that you’ve seen the SYSTEM, you’ve seen the FUTURE of direct sales. Now is the time to take that FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE so you don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

When you sign up as an Ambassador, this will immediately create your NEW position in the tree. We are resetting the ENTIRE tree. If you want to bring in your downline, rally your troops and get your spot(s). 1st come 1st to the top of the tree-your position will be determined based on the day/time you join.

Ready to Begin your new journey? Choose any or all options below or scroll down for more details!


The Cryosonic™ Plant🌱 Life Club™

JOIN our PRIVATE Facebook Community

This amazing Community is just for us! We are a supportive group of like-minded people who share our tips, successes and the rewards that come from this lifestyle.


Unlock over $500 worth of Health & Wellness Resources, Tools, Guides, Training & Recommendations With The Power of Cryosonically-Grown Plants To Boost Health & Wellness

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Enhanced Health supported by high-quality health supplements grown using the world's cleanest methods.

Customized, Neuroscience-based, 'Self-Healing'  Programs.

On-Demand, High Value 'Cryosonic™ Plant-Life' Training Videos & Resources

Membership to “the CLPC Private Community”

Become an Affiliate & earn extra income

Access our Exclusive Crysonic Extract™ Products 

Everything in the Club is FREE to members

Check out our New Retail Store

  • Easy navigation

  • Intuitive checkout process

  • Simple account controls

  • Check it out now

Become an Affiliate to Earn Unlimited Commissions on ALL of our Products!

  • Earn up to 25% commission for every successful referral

  • FREE to Join

Become an Ambassador to Enjoy all of the Benefits of the S.Y.S.T.E.M

  • Up to 25% off suggested retail pricing

  • NO Activation Fee

  • Choice of 3 DISCOUNTED Packs

  • Your monthly Product selections must TOTAL 149 BV (min) or you can set a Simple Ship of 99 BV or more

  • Unlimited Income Potential

  • Basic Commissions PAID WEEKLY


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